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Toys in Freud‘s Attic (Between Rousseau and Freud, 2001)
Gustav Mahler et l’ironie (Montpellier’s Symposium Proceedings, 2001)
On Beethoven (Beethoven and His World, 2000)
On Allegory (Klimt und die Frauen, 2000)
Visual Wagner (The Threat to the Cosmos, 1997)
Salome Booklet (English National Opera, 1996)
On Gustav Mahler (Muziek & Wetenschap , 1996)
La Traviata, Violetta and Her Sisters (1994)
Catalogue and Exhibition Egon Schiele (Washington National Gallery, 1994)
Catalogue and Exhibition Käthe Kollwitz (Washington National Gallery, 1992)

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