Art and Cultural History
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Art Nouveau to Expressionism, Ballet-Style
Nationalistic Aftermaths of the Paris Exposition Universelle 1900
Picasso’s Barcelona: Collision of Two Generations at the Bohemian Café Els Quatre Gats
Of Mixed Marriages, Cancelled Careers, and Anti-Semitism in the Vienna of Alma and Gustav Mahler
The Two Gustavs: Klimt, Mahler, and Vienna’s Golden Decade, 1897-1907
Toys in Freud’s Attic: Torment and Taboo in the Child and Adolescent Themes of Vienna’s Image-Makers
Käthe Kollwitz in Context: Berlin and the Formative Years
Gender or Genius? Kollwitz and Munch; Becker and Modersohn; Münter and Kandinsky
Spirituality and the Arts Before and After 11 September 2001

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