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Art and Cultural History
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From Façade to Psyche: Portraiture in the Vienna of Freud, Klimt, Schiele, and Schönberg
The Way to Goethe’s Weimar: Of Plum Trees, Painters, Pianists, and Pamphleteers
Who Ever Heard of a Woman Sculptor? Harriet Hosmer, Elisabet Ney, and the 19th-Century Dialogue with the Three-Dimensional
From Apparatus to Apparition: Transformations in the Modern Narrative
Winckelmann versus Marinetti: Revering and Reviling Italy’s Classical Past
Schopenhauer and Art: From Elisabet Ney to Isadora Duncan
The Emperor’s New Old Clothes: Appearance and Reality in Franz Josef’s Vienna
Strindberg’s Uneasy Universe: From Son of a Servant to Father of Indra
The Nordic Impact on Modern Art: Kierkegaard, Ibsen, Strindberg, Munch, and Ingmar Bergman
Mysterious Yearnings, Eternal Longings: The Swiss Impact on Austrian Art from Fuseli and Segantini to Hodler and Vallotton

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